Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good

Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #6:
To make her/him desire (you) more.

To French Kiss , if done well of course, is the best way (beside to directly caress or kiss even more erogenous zones such as the breasts and vagina for girls/women and the penis for men) to increase the level of desire she/he has for you.Why french kissing girls good - French kissing a guy good - Hot tongue kissing - increase desire As a result, if you’re a good French kisser, she/he won’t stop kissing you. And, therefore, she/he will desire you more. To, finally, desire more than just (French) kissing.

Now, if you take into consideration that French kissing is the missing link, the natural step, (in)between kissing and sex, you’ll realize that with a great French Kiss, you will unsurprisingly open the door of her/his intimacy. Indeed, French Kissing is (should be) part of foreplay.
You’re enlacing each other, tongue against tongue, body against body, your hands traveling all around… What is more natural than to let your tongue softly lick your partner’s earlobes, get down her/his neck, then chest/breasts, then… I think you catch my drift.

- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #7
To assert your image as a potential sexual partner.

This is directly linked to the nature of a French kiss (see what is a French Kiss) and to the fact that you can create or increase her/his sexual desire towards you. She/he will consider the way you kiss as a prelude for things to come. So, if you French Kiss her/him and French Kiss skillfully, what do you imagine your partner will think?
« Well, she/he’s ok but what’s that kiss? Boooring. Maybe it would be best if we stayed friends. »?
I don’t think so. With a good French Kiss, she/he’ll have no other choice than to think something like: « Wow, that’s what I call a kiss. I can’t wait to see what else she/he has in store for me. »
That’s how, with a French Kiss, you can assert your image as a potential (skilled) lover.
Do you remember a funny story where husband complained to his neighbor about his wife, about how she had bored him with her unkempt appearance, lack of caress, tasteless food and constant angriness? And what was the end of this anecdote? Exactly!
If you really want to drive your (future) partner crazy/wild, you can always learn how to talk dirty (secured link). Two different systems/methods. One for girls/women, the other for men.

- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #8:
To heighten your self-esteem.

And this for two reasons:

a) When you succeed in French kissing a girl or a boy/man it proves more involvement from your partner‘s side (than with a simple kiss).
Not only she/he gave you hers/his lips but also hers/his whole mouth and tongue. It may seem anecdotic but it’s quite revealing of your partner’s implication with you and desire for you. It means you have attracted her/him enough for her/him to French Kiss you. It feels good to be really desired.
Therefore it increases your self-esteem, it’s as simple as that. So, the higher signification of the French Kiss gives you more reason to feel wanted, therefore good about yourself. Even if it was for a few seconds in a club, it means something. It’s self-satisfying.
Compare that to the disappointment, frustration and/or feeling of rejection a peck on the chick (it’s still a kiss right?) from someone you desire, or are attracted to, would create and you’ll understand.

b) When you give a good French Kiss to your partner, you know it. You can feel her/his pleasure by her/his response to it. Your technique was great and you are proud of a ‘job’ well done. Here, it may seem a bit childish, but that’s the way we are, sometimes.
Needless to say that to give pleasure to someone can also, by rebound, heighten your self-esteem, of course.

- Why tongue kissing - Importance of French kissing good #9:
Biological role, health and beauty benefits.

Why french kissing girls good - French kissing a guy good - Tongue kissing - Got Milk - Good health
It seems that biologists give to the French Kiss a biological role (that's their job too...):

To evaluate and prevent a potential genetic incompatibility with your partner by checking her/his immune-system. We do so by ’tasting’ the saliva of our potential love mate. They assert it is a way to determine if the offspring born from this union will be in good health.
At least it is proven that the exchange of saliva has, among animals, this function. So, there is every reason to believe that it can also be the case for humans.
For health benefits:
As for beauty benefits, when you kiss and especially when you French Kiss (since you use more of them) you tighten your facial muscles. It also helps to improve your blood circulation in your facial zone. These two factors combined assist in preventing drooping skin and help smoothing it. To French Kiss also plays a part in postponing the apparition of wrinkles and other effects due to an aging skin.

To conclude, and for all the reasons cited above and more, French Kiss and French Kiss again. Even doctors advise you to do so… What are you waiting for?
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